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Sharp Inventories LondonĀ conduct property inventories and provide inventory reports which include photographs as well as written information concerning the condition and contents of the inspected home. Those property inventory reports are an independent testimony and are designed to protect the interest of the involved parties. London inventory services provided by our inventory clerks aim to prevent disagreements or disputes between tenants and their leaseholders, landlords, insurance agencies or property managers. We can prepare:

Property Inventory Report

Our Inventory Report is a candid and detailed list describing the contents, fixtures, fittings as well as the cleanliness of a property that is about to be rented out. The report also notes the overall state of the property along with the items that are present there and any deterioration, backed with professional digital images.

Check In Report

At the time we carry out the Check In Report the tenant will have the opportunity to recognize any kind of dissimilarities between the current state of the property and the inventory report before he is requested to sign the a copy of the inventory as well as the lease, along with the agent or the landlord. Thus, all parties will have a peace of mind they have a legal contract featuring the contents and the condition of the property.

Check Out Report

During the time the Check our Report is composed, our experts will describe any lost, damaged or replaced items as well as the condition and cleanliness of the property itself. We will go through the earlier prepared inventory along with any check in information and assess the present state of all items with the condition stated in the check in report.

Interim Report | Inspection Services

A property inspection and the Interim report are of excellent value to the agent or the landlord. In a given period of time (usually 6 months) our experts will stop by your rented property to conduct an overview of the home or office. We will carry out a precise assessment of the inspected property taking into consideration its condition. This allows you to keep track of the rented facility and guarantees that no unpleasant surprises will arise at the end of the lease.

Our inventory clerks are extensively trained and are property certified by the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks. They provide our clients with expert documentation, variety of inventory reports and have deep knowledge and rich experience in the respected industry. They are able to determine the difference between expected wear and tear and those damages for which a tenant can be held liable.

The inventory services London residents can book from our company are unparalleled in the area. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality we provide. Call us now on #PHONE to get your free estimate.