check in reports

Our London Check In reports are in their essence inventory inspections of a property, prepared at the beginning of a lease or tenancy agreement by our independent, certified inventory clerks. A check in report includes comprehensive written information as well as photographic details of the condition of the property and its contents. They are presenting a self-evident document. Once our inventory clerks provide you with the final check in report, it should be agreed to by landlord and tenants and a copy should be attached to the tenancy agreement.

Thorough and accurate inventory reports and checks made by professional, independent inventory company are beneficial for all parties- leaseholders, tenants, landlords and property managers. More over an independent inventory services including check in reports London are means to avoid potential disputes between the landlords and the tenants. Avoid the hassle and the potential problems at the end of the tenancy by simply calling Sharp Inventories London customer representatives onĀ 02070971799