check out inventory report

London check out report is a property inventory inspection held at the end of a tenancy agreement in order to make sure that tenants did not inflict any damage to the property and its contents during the rental period. It is very important that this type of rental unit inventory is made by an independent and certified third party inventory clerk and states in detail the condition not only of the fixtures, fittings and furnishings but also floors, walls and windows. Sharp Inventories London’s check out reports are unbiased and will help tenants and landlords avoid deposit disputes and legal claims.

The check out reports London tenants and landlords need include both photographic and written elements in order more comprehensive inventory check to be prepared. As a rule they should be compared with the check in report that is prepared at the beginning of the tenancy so any property damages or misuses to be discovered. Sharp Inventories London keep in record all inventory reports produced by our inventory clerks.