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One of the most typical disputes among a tenant and a private landlord is arguments regarding the condition of the rented property and its contents, and as a result the reductions from the tenants deposit. These quarrels can be easily avoided by preparing detailed Inventory Reports.

Probably you are wondering what is inventory report? Sharp Inventories London uses an accurate and very simple method of describing a property, be it residential or commercial, its condition and contents using plain, comprehensible language. The inventory clerk simply walks through the property and describes what he or she sees in details. This method is unparalleled and makes reports precise and fast to accomplish, easy and swift to read and understand. We avoid using a industry jargon or difficult to comprehend abbreviations like many of our competitors do.
Having this valuable service becomes important to our customers at the end of a tenancy. Typically, disagreements can arise over seemingly trivial matters concerning the state of a property. Sometimes it is just a quarrel over what constitutes “”fair wear and tear” and the determination of the damages for which the tenant is liable. It is hardly possible to assess and resolve these issues without a clear-cut statement of the state of the property before and after the tenancy. Properly conducted inventory along with a Check In report and the Check Out report are what it takes to avoid unpleasant and stressful disputes.

Bottom line is that:

-Landlords can make sure that their property is protected and prevent potential issues at the end of the tenancy.
– Tenants can rest assure knowing they won’t be held liable for damages they didn’t inflict to the property as well as its contents.

– By having a professional carrying out an appropriate, unbiased and accurate Property Inventory consisting of Check in and Check our reports as well as Interim report, landlords will have much more of a case for making deductions from a tenant’s deposit. From the other hand, if there is no obvious reason for that deduction tenants can prove that they should be reimburse with the whole amount of the security deposit.

– Our inventory reports will appeal to private landlords in account of being fair, precise and straightforward. Our outstanding quality service is highly regarded because of its effectiveness and swiftness, our reasonable rates and the fact that we are independent, which is essential in the case of legal conflicts between landlord and tenants.
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